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HUINA 1576 Forklift With Flatbed Trailer 1:10 2.4GHz RC Truck


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Forklift With Flatbed Trailer

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  • This 1576 Huina forklift with platform not only allows you to recreate the movements of an elevator torito with the greatest realism, but this model is 2 in 1 and besides forklift is also has Crane Hook. Its sound effects, front and rear LED lights, its aluminum parts, its excellent finish and realistic hyper movements will make you enjoy this toy at maximum radiocontrol.
  • The wheelbarrow pulls a trailer platform with metal finishes.
  • This wheelbarrow with the trailer has the strength to carry very heavy load of up to tens of kilos.
  • It features an automatic demonstration button, which allows the drone to carry out a series of already programmed movements. Also you can control all functions trolley from its station's 2.4GH 8 channels, free from interference and with a control distance upto 50 meters. Each station key serves a particular function, making its use very easy and intuitive: Moves the wheelbarrow in all directions and ups and lowers the lift/crane platform.
  • It moves from a forklift to a crane in just three steps. Just replace the shovel with the hook and enjoy a new model.
  • With aluminum parts, finishes and movements of great realism
  • Over 30 minutes of battery life for each battery.
  • "Automatic demonstration" button with preprogrammed movements
  • Free from interference transmitter 8 channels
  • It's ready to work.
  • Control distance up to 50 meters
  • 8 channel and 2.4GHz station.
  • 2x NIMH 7,2 V 400 mAh batteries.
  • Aluminium parts, very realistic finishes.
  • With sound effects and LED lights
  • Complete and ready to go.

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