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Yes! Just make sure to get permission from the local government or authority if you want to use them in public, don’t modify your blaster to shoot faster than 90 metres per second, and never use them for any activity that leads to alarm, distress, or harm. Also, always practice safety tips like using the blaster in appropriate locations, keeping out of reach of children, and wearing protective gear. Have fun safely and responsibly!
No, they’re not designed to. Gel blasters use biodegradable gels instead, which are safe and only intended for recreational purposes. Modifying a blaster to fire BBs is illegal and hazardous, so always make sure you know all the safety protocols and laws before starting. Have fun, but stay safe!
It’s possible, but we advise against it. Modifying a blaster to shoot faster than 90m/s is illegal; it could also be dangerous if the blaster becomes too powerful for you. Additionally, airsoft technology is more complex than gel blasters, making it difficult to convert them correctly.
No, they’re not powerful or accurate enough. The ammo used is safe and meant for outdoor use. Keep a safe distance between yourself and any wildlife when using them in an outdoor environment, and follow all safety protocols to ensure your own safety and the safety of others. Enjoy responsibly!

No, they’re not strong enough. The safe ammo is meant for use outdoors, and should only be used in approved locations away from children and pets. Wear appropriate protection and follow safety protocols to ensure the best experience. Enjoy responsibly!

Gel blasters are safe to use outdoors and are not powerful enough to cause physical harm. Wear protective gear and use them responsibly in designated locations away from children and pets. Enjoy gel blasters safely!
Definitely not – gel blasters have been specially crafted to ensure that they won’t be powerful enough to pop balloons. The ammo used in these blasters is actually eco-friendly, since their main ingredients include water and biodegradable gels with dye inside them! This makes them a safe choice for outdoor use as well.
No! Gel blasters are designed to be harmless with biodegradable gels that have only water and dye as their ammo. Use them in approved areas, away from kids and pets, while also wearing safety gear, then you can enjoy this activity safely and securely.

Yes! Gel blasters are designed to be safe, using biodegradable gels with only water and dye as their ammo. With the proper safety gear and a designated play area away from children and pets, you can have peace of mind when playing with these toys.

Gel blasters use battery-powered electric currents to launch biodegradable gels made of water and food dyes. Always use them in approved areas away from kids and pets, and make sure safety gear is worn for everyone involved. This way you can ensure that everyone has a safe and secure experience.

All gel blasters are designed to be harmless and non-injurious, as their ammo is made from biodegradable material. It’s important to use them in approved areas away from kids and pets, and for everyone involved to wear safety equipment. By following safety protocols, you can ensure a safe and secure experience with no risk of real pain or injury!

It’s not recommended to modify gel blasters for higher power, and it’s best to buy models made for that purpose. Always follow safety guidelines like wearing protective gear and using the guns in designated areas away from kids and pets for maximum safety.
Generally, more powerful blasters shoot further. But always remember to wear protective gear and use these guns in approved areas away from kids and pets for maximum safety. Enjoy your time with these toys responsibly!
Look for reputable stores online such as iHobby Online. Always follow safety instructions provided by the manufacturer before using your blaster. Get yours today! Additionally, it is essential to follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer before using your blaster. Get yours today!
Gel blasters should be used in designated areas away from children and pets. Remember to wear appropriate protective gear while playing with them to ensure maximum safety.
Playing with gel blasters can be a lot of fun! Just make sure to follow safety protocols and instructions from the manufacturer. Don’t try to modify your blaster to increase its power as this might be dangerous. Have a blast, but stay safe too!
Gel blasters may have age restrictions in some areas. Always be aware of your local regulations and only use them when supervised by a responsible adult. Wear the necessary protective gear and use them in approved areas away from children and pets for everyone’s safety. Have fun responsibly!

Modifying your gel blaster is not recommended. It could be dangerous and may even be illegal. Make sure to consult with a professional before making any changes, and only use the blaster in its original form for the safest experience.

Gel blasters should not be used in public areas. Choose a safe, approved area away from children and pets with safety precautions in place. Consult professionals before attempting modifications, and always follow manufacturer instructions for best results.

Playing with a gel blaster indoors is extremely risky and should only be done following the strictest safety guidelines.

The FPS (feet per second) of a gel blaster depends on its type and power. Look for higher quality motors for better performance. Modifying the blaster to increase FPS may be dangerous and void warranty, so stick to the parameters set by the manufacturer for best results. Have fun!

Do not give or allow anyone under 18 to handle a gel blaster without adult supervision. Gel blasters can cause injury if used recklessly. Take necessary safety precautions when using one.

The power of a gel blaster shot depends on gun type & power, ammo used, distance to target & protective gear. Be aware of your pain threshold and wear safety gear when engaging in activities with gel blasters. Always follow manufacturer instructions for best results.

When buying a gel blaster, consider what you need & budget. Research different types of guns to find which suits you best.

Before using a gel blaster, read & follow manufacturer instructions. Wear protective gear and make sure blaster is set to the correct power level. Only use blasters in designated areas. Modifications & upgrades should only be done by professionals or with explicit knowledge of the blaster. Have fun and stay safe!

Popular gel blasters include electric, spring, pump action and gas-powered models. Electric and gas-powered offer more power, while spring and pump action provide a more realistic experience. Choose one that best suits your needs and preferences for an enjoyable experience.

For your gel blaster, use only gel balls as ammo. Ensure that all ammunition is stored safely to adhere to safety guidelines and local laws.

Gel blasters can last several years with proper maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in top shape.

Safety gear is a must when using gel blasters: eye protection, gloves & clothing that covers skin. Investing in a holster or protective accessories is recommended for added security. Always take safety precautions before engaging with the blaster.

In Australia, the legal age for owning a gel blaster is 18. Check local laws & regulations and consult with local police before using to ensure safety. Have fun & stay safe!

Gel blasters are a great way to get exercise, practice teamwork & strategy, & improve hand-eye coordination. They also help reduce stress & boost your mood – so have fun!

Putting together a gel blaster is easy – just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Get help from online videos if needed. Don’t forget to read safety guidelines & regulations before using.

Gel blaster balls last several months or more with proper maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for storage & use to get the most out of them! Have a blast!

Gel blasters are legal in most parts of Australia – check your local regulations and be sure to follow safety guidelines. Familiarize yourself with laws surrounding replicas.

Purchase a gel blaster online! But make sure it’s legal in your area and familiarize yourself with safety and laws regarding replicas. Happy shooting!

Familiarize yourself with local statutes – age limits for gel blasters may be enforced.

Buy a Gel Blaster from iHobby, Australia’s premier online store! Enjoy high-quality customer service and have some fun with your new blaster!

Store your gel blasters in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight/moisture. Ensure unloaded and safety on, no loose pieces inside. Read manufacturer instructions to make blaster last longer. Have a blast!

If gel blaster jams, ensure unloaded and safety on. Clear barrel/hop-up system of obstructions/debris, then attempt to fire again. Refer to manufacturer instructions for how to clear jam. Read safety guidelines & use eye protection when using gel blaster. Stay safe & have fun!

Clean barrel after each use, lube parts & replace worn/broken parts. Read safety guidelines & use eye protection when using gel blaster. With regular maintenance, gel blaster will last many battles! Happy shooting!

Change barrel length/hop-up system & add scopes/attachments. Remember to follow local laws/safety guidelines. Read safety guidelines & use eye protection when using gel blaster. Stay safe & have fun customizing! Happy shooting!

Find the blaster that fits your needs/preferences. Read reviews & safety guidelines before buying, use eye protection when using gel blaster. With right prep & safety measures, you’ll have an awesome time! Happy shooting!

When you’re looking for the ideal gel blaster gun, consider all of your needs and preferences. Range, accuracy, power and weight are just a few factors that should be taken into account when making this important selection. Get informed with reviews from other customers to make sure you choose the perfect blaster for yourself!

Get the most out of your blaster with accessories like scopes, extended mags, & bipods. Read safety guidelines & always wear eye protection when using gel blaster.

Unknown who invented gel blasters, but their popularity is growing. Find a blaster for long-range shooting or close-quarters combat with the right prep and safety measures. Have fun!

Find the most accurate gel blaster for you by researching types, ammo quality & environmental conditions. Read reviews to make the best purchase decision.

For beginner gel blaster users: Pick a blaster that’s easy to use, has manageable weight and has the features you need. Read reviews before buying to make sure it fits your needs.

When using a gel blaster, always follow security guidelines, wear protective eyewear and never aim at people or unintended targets.

Gel blasters may be illegal in some places due to potential harm; before using a blaster, familiarize yourself with safety guidelines and always wear eye protection.

If your gel blaster isn’t shooting, it could be due to low battery levels, an obstruction in the firing mechanism, or improper alignment of the hop-up unit. Contact customer service for help if troubleshooting fails.