Since the rise of gel blasters as a safer, less messy alternative to paintball or Airsoft, plenty of overseas companies have started to sell low-quality gel blasters at low costs. It can be tempting to purchase these in an effort to save money, but if they’re not well made and break quickly, they will end up being a waste of money in the long term. Not to mention the possible issues with customs when you import toys that might be mistaken for firearms!

In this sense, it’s always best to go for Australian manufacturers, with guarantees of quality and reliable support available to their customers.

Your one stop shop for gel blasters

With iHobby, you can browse a huge selection of the best models on the market.

From GOLDEN EAGLE and CYMA, to Wells, Jinming, and LeHui, iHobby’s range covers many different choices of stylised, realistic gel blasters. Unlike the overseas producers who tend to use cheap materials, we have a series of metal products, as well as gas/CO2 powered gel blasters if you want more power!

Styles include well known firearm types, with plenty of accessories, like sniper bolts, magazines, scopes, and silencers. The ammo (called gel balls), can be bought from iHobby as well, and because they’re so tiny before hydration, you can buy thousands at a time!

The benefits of shopping with iHobby

Not only can you trust the quality of a 100% Australian owned and operated company, but you can also save money on gel blasters that look and feel much better than competing manufacturers’. With authentically crafted designs and upgrades, your battles will be epic!

iHobby offers free shipping over $90, same day dispatch on business days, and online support on Monday to Friday from 8 to 4. Browse the superior range of gel blasters at today to find the best option for you.