Not only are gel blasters a lot of fun, they’re also a great alternative to paintball and Airsoft. Unlike paintball, there’s minimal pain involved when you get shot with a gel blaster, so you don’t have to suit up to play. The gel balls are also biodegradable and quickly disperse after they explode, leaving no stains and requiring no clean up.

And unlike Airsoft, there aren’t the same legality issues with gel blasters in Australia. However, due to how realistic they look, there is the chance that gel blasters could be seized by customs if they’re imported from other countries. So, where can you buy gel blasters for a good price and quality in Australia?

Get gel blasters, gel balls, and accessories with iHobby

iHobby offer a range of gel blasters and gel blaster accessories to ensure you get the best value products from a dependable, domestic source. Our selection is vast, with many models sporting a semi-realistic look that makes battle with friends and family even more immersive and fun!

Types available include metal gel blasters and gas/CO2 powered gel blasters, with high quality models like GOLDEN EAGLE, CYMA, Wells, Jinming, and LeHui to choose from. There are also plenty of upgrades and parts to bring your games to life, such as magazines, scopes, silencers and even sniper bolts!

Your best deals on Australian made gel blasters

When you shop with iHobby, you get online support all week from Monday to Friday, 8 til 4. So, if you have any questions about gel blasters, how they work, or which are the best models for your needs, help is at hand. You won’t have to worry about making the wrong purchase, or having your gel blaster mistaken for a firearm replica by customs, as all of iHobby’s stock is 100% Australian owned, made right here in Queensland.

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