Gel blasters are essentially army toys that shoot soft, mess-free gel balls. They often have a semi-realistic look and provide a safe, fun way to stage battles with friends and family. They can be plastic or metal, spring-powered, battery operated, manual or automatic, and usually shoot at around 250 feet per second.

If you’re looking for a new backyard activity, or for something less messy and painful than paintball, gel blasters are a great solution. All you need to do is browse the styles available at iHobby, choose a model you like, and stock up on gel balls.

What are gel balls?

Unlike paintball, which entails a lot of protective gear and space, gel blasters only use non-toxic gel balls, which are also non-irritating, eco-friendly and biodegradable. They burst on contact, then instantly start to disintegrate, meaning no residue left behind, and nothing to clean up!

These gel balls, also called gel beads or water beads, start out small and will expand to many times their size when left in water to hydrate. They will need to be hydrated for at least 2 hours to expand to the correct size in order to function properly, but are best left in a large amount of water overnight. When hydrated, they can last up to 3 months, and will last indefinitely while dehydrated.

Where can I shop for gel blasters?

You can browse a large range of gel blasters at iHobby. Types include metal, gas/CO2 powered, GOLDEN EAGLE, CYMA, Wells, Jinming, and LeHui, with plenty of extras like foregrips, magazines, scopes, silencers, and sniper bolts to make play more realistic.

Ihobby is owned and operated in QLD, so you don’t have to worry about international shipping and customs. With free express delivery for orders over $90, same day dispatch, and 100% Australian owned stock, it’s the perfect place to buy gel blasters for yourself or family. Check out loads of different styles, and receive online support (Monday to Friday from 8 to 4) while you shop!