Gel blasters are some of the most fun you can have with realistic army toys. The gel balls they shoot start off so tiny that they can easily be bought by the thousands, and once hydrated, they can be fired at friends and family without needing anything more than eye protection. They’re eco-friendly, non-irritating, and dissolve on impact, leaving nothing behind to clean up.

But not all gel blasters on the market are created equal. If this is your first time purchasing, or if you’re looking for something cheap, it’s important to be wary of brands with no history or reputation in the world of gel blasters.

To avoid faulty products and get the most out of your gel blaster, always go with well-known and well-reviewed companies.

Who are Wells?

Wells is one such manufacturer of high-quality gel blasters, they are renowned for their Airsoft replicas, but now have a huge presence in the gel blaster market as well. After many years’ experience with Airsoft, they have been able to adapt and expand, producing top-selling gel blasters known for their realistic designs and reliable build quality.

For first-time buyers, or those who want dependable out-of-the-box performance without any interest in modifications, Wells are a great option. If you’re a long-term enthusiast who wants to upgrade and modify your gel blaster, however, you may run into trouble, as Wells’ gel blasters function best without interference.

Where to buy gel blasters near me

There are no legal restrictions on gel blasters in Australia unless they are modified to fire different ammunition, but due to how realistic they look, they could potentially cause issues with customs if imported from overseas.

Fortunately, local companies like iHobby in Queensland stock a wide range of Wells products, as well as other trustworthy brands of gel blasters. Get comprehensive online support when you shop at, as well as free shipping over $90 and same day dispatch!