STD JinMing LeHui HARDENED Orange Gel Ammo 5-pack Gel Balls


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Orange Hardened upgrade Super Tough Gel Balls 7-8mm(Standard 7.4 mm)

# These Gel Balls are designed Specifically for Gel Ball Blasters, They are Hardened to be Super Strong and durable and boy do they pack a punch! “FEAR THESE BALLS”

# Consistant Size, Accurate and Fast

# Orange Colour

# Designed to be used for  competition, Casual or Back Yard

# Always soak in clean water fully submerged for 4hrs to reach full size 7-8mm(Standard 7.4 mm)

# 10,000 Pack x10  (50 gram per packet) Packet style can change slightly from pictures

Choking Hazard:- Always keep out of reach of children and always use under adult supervision



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