Gel blasters are usually made out of plastic, but at iHobby we stock metal models as well. In our range, you can find plenty of options to suit all kinds of preferences and purposes, including manual, spring-powered single shot, or battery operated and fully automatic.

Whatever you have in mind, if you’d like to play with semi-realistic army toys that shoot soft gel projectiles at 250 feet per second – while avoiding the pain, preparation, and mess of airsoft or paintball – then gel blasters are the ideal choice.

The difference between airsoft, paintball, and gel blasters

What makes gel blasters a more attractive option than paintball for many enthusiasts is the convenience. For paintball, we often need to deck ourselves out in a lot of gear so we don’t get hurt, not to mention all the space needed and the clean-up afterwards. Many health and safety issues need to be considered as well.

With gel blasters, the only thing needed is eye protection! Gel balls will need to be soaked for at least 2 hours before use, but they hurt much less on impact and disintegrate on contact, meaning no mess! With much less preparation and no clothing requirements, it’s easy to play whenever you want.

Although airsoft may seem like a more intense option – using compressed air to shoot plastic ammunition at 350 feet per second – its use is currently illegal across Australia.

Gel blaster types and upgrades

When you shop at iHobby, you can browse an extensive range of exciting styles, including realistic metal and gas powered gel blasters. Models include GOLDEN EAGLE, CYMA, Wells, Jinming, and LeHui.

You can count on us to supply parts and upgrades for your gel blaster as well, so you won’t be stuck with a non-functional product if you have issues down the track. There is also online support available from Monday to Friday during working hours.

For free express shipping over $90, same day dispatch, and 100% Australian owned stock from a Queensland operated company, shop with iHobby for your new gel blaster!