For those of us who enjoy a good skirmish-style battle with friends and family, gel blasters are an ideal option. Due to health and safety reasons, airsoft products are now banned in many places, while the logistics of paintball can make it difficult to plan out casual games. However, when it comes to gel blasters, the fun is safe, convenient, and mess free!

If playing with army toys was your thing when you were young, chances are you have a vivid imagination. But with gel blasters, you don’t need one! The realism of these products makes for exciting and immersive games that can be played anywhere, at any time.

For all the best models for beginners and enthusiasts alike, iHobby stock gel blasters, parts, and accessories – QLD wide.

Where can I get ammo for my gel blaster?

Of course, there can be no gameplay without the appropriate ammo.

In the case of gel blasters, this means gel balls (otherwise known as water beads, water bullets, or even just ‘gels’). A gel ball is a superabsorbent polymer water ball, which starts off as a tiny, dehydrated bead. This makes it very easy to buy in bulk! They can be purchased by the thousands, and only need to be soaked in water as preparation(but remember that gel balls will need lots of extra water during this stage, as they expand to many times their size).

Luckily, iHobby sells gel balls for gas & Co2 powered gel blasters in packs of thousands! This plentiful ammo is cheap, lasts longterm, and doesn’t create a mess. The non-irritating balls will burst on impact, leavingno stains behind.And unlike airsoft or paintball, they don’t hurt any more than a quick snap from a rubber band!

The only thing to remember for the safety of your friends and family is that eye protection is always recommended.

What models and accessories can I buy from iHobby?

The range of gel blaster models available at iHobby include the products of leading manufacturers like GOLDEN EAGLE, CYMA, Wells, Jinming, and LeHui.

These come in metal and gas/Co2 powered designs which have similar mechanisms to airsoft. Although previous gel blasters were somewhat unrealistic thanks to the fragility of the gel balls, new, innovative designs have popularised bottom-mounted magazines with inbuilt motors. This allows for rapid fire and models that look nearly identical to the real thing!

When you shop online at, you can browse through plenty of other gel blaster accessories that add even more realism to your games. Parts such as metal handguard fishbones, foregrips, buttstocks, magazines, receivers, silencers, scopes, and sniper bolts can customise your gel blaster as much as you like!

iHobby stock all of these accessories for a variety of models, as well as parts like gearboxes, batteries, and fuzes to keep your gel blaster in perfect working order.

Who are iHobby?

100% owned and operated in QLD, iHobby ship their premium products QLD wide. Because international shipping can potentiallycause issues when it comes to these products (with customs on the look out for things like imitation firearms), this is by far the best way to buy gel blasters!

However, each state and territory have their own laws regarding the use of gel blasters, so be sure to do your research on local laws before purchase.

Delivery is quick, with same day dispatch on all orders before 2pm on weekdays.

And, if your order is over $90, you can also expect free shipping as well!

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