Also known as jelly beads, water orbs, hydro orbs, polymer beads and gel beads, gel balls are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Made from superabsorbent polymers, gell balls can grow to 100 times their original size when submerged in water.

First used to hydrate and retain moisture in the soil, they are also present in modern-day diapers/nappies. These days they provide hours of fun as safe ammunition for a gel blaster. Compact,  mess-free and easy to transport and needing minimal preparation time, gel balls make for the ideal projectile for tactical shooting.

What Is A Gel Blaster?

A gel blaster is similar to an air gun or paintball gun and is considered in the same league as toy guns. A gel blaster is, however, is a tactical toy and not recommended for use by very young children and should always be used with supervision. Gel balls should never be shot towards the face or eyes – we recommend wearing eye protection and adhering to all safety measures during use.

 Are Gel Balls Safe?

Gel blasters are much like water guns or paint guns, except that the projectiles are gel balls. Gel balls are the ideal projectile as they easily burst on impact and will not cause significant damage or injuries to the skin. Of course, as with any tactical play shooting, safety precautions should be taken.

As it is much safer than other hobby shooting such as paintballing, gel balling is becoming an increasingly popular team sport. Gel balls leave virtually no mess behind and are actually considered beneficial to plants and soil. As they are more than 90% water, gel balls simply biodegrade and disappear following use.

Types Of Gel Blasters

There are several styles of gel blasters with varied propulsion methods. You can choose from gas or electric-powered, manual and automatic. At iHobby we have a range of gel blasters designed to suit your needs and budget including metal, gas/CO2 powered, GOLDEN EAGLE, DOUBLE BELL, CYMA, Wells, Jinming, and LeHui, with plenty of extras like foregrips, magazines, scopes, silencers, and sniper bolts to make play more realistic.

Should you have any questions regarding which gel blaster is right for you, our team is happy to assist. Alongside our gel blasters, we also stock a comprehensive selection of accessories and gel balls, ensuring you can get everything you need to enjoy a day of gel balling in one place.

Disposing Of Your Gel Balls

Should you have leftover gel balls you no longer require, there are a few methods available for disposal. You can:

  • Bag them and place them for collection with your other rubbish.
  • Place them in your garden where they will break down, nourishing the soil and watering the plants
  • Leave them to dry out, they will return to their small bead-like shape and can be rehydrated at a later date. Salt can be added to speed up this process.

Do not under any circumstances dispose of gel balls down the drain as this can cause blockages. Likewise, do not consume them or leave them where pets or children could consume them as this can cause intestinal blockages.

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