The simple answer to whether you need a licence to own gel blasters is no.

As gel blasters are only toys, the Queensland Weapons Act 1990 does not require you to hold a licence. However, some restrictions do apply in NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania. For those living outside of QLD, state or territory laws should be consulted.

Currently, age limits are not enforced for the use or possession of gel blasters either, but if you wish to join any club, range, or association which utilises them, you may encounter age restrictions for certain services.

In all cases, we advise using gel blasters responsibly.

Will ordering gel blasters cause issues with customs?

When you shop with iHobby, you buy from a Queensland operated business with Australian owned stock, so there is no need for international shipping and no risk of seizure. As customs only deal with products coming into Australia, there’s no need to worry about legislation. However, every state and territory has its own policies, so it’s always best to research before interstate delivery.

Ordering from international sellers, however, such as eBay or Wish, may result in seizure by customs. In these cases an import permit could be needed, involving police confirmation and certification for replica firearms.

What if I want to modify my gel blaster?

It is illegal to modify a gel blaster for the sake of firing dangerous ammunition as defined in the Explosive Regulations 2017. Modifications that change the look of a gel blaster may cause it to be considered under the framework for replica firearms, which will incur restrictions. This will most likely mean that you’ll need a reasonable excuse for your modifications.

Luckily, if you want to make changes to your gel blaster to add realism to your games, iHobby provides plenty of parts and upgrades. These include things like sniper bolts, scopes, and silencers.

Ihobby also offers free express shipping over $90, same day dispatch, and online support for all inquiries about our gel blasters.