Gel blasters are the perfect solution for anyone who loves Airsoft or paintball but doesn’t like the restrictions. Airsoft can be dangerous and is illegal in Australia, while paintball involves safety gear and lots of clean up if you want to play at home.

With gel blasters, you can play with realistic army toy without any of the legalities or hassles. They shoot gel balls that don’t hurt more than a quick sting and dissolve upon impact, leaving no stain or mess behind.

However, there are an overwhelming amount of styles and brands to choose from. So if you’re stuck on which to get, it’s a good idea to consider the most reputable companies.

Why trust CYMA gel blasters?

As one of the oldest gel blaster manufacturers, you can’t go wrong with CYMA products. Since 2000, they have been hard at work in the areas of research and development, technology, commerce, and production, and continue to expand every year with their customer-driven dedication.

Experience and competitiveness makes CYMA one of the leading companies when it comes to quality control. While they strive to deliver affordability, they never compromise on durability and performance, making their gel blasters some of the most reliable models available. Their technological innovations mean higher quality products that last longer.

Where to purchase CYMA gel blasters

CYMA is an international company, and although gel blasters are perfectly legal toys in Australia, importing can sometimes lead to issues with customs due to their realistic designs. This is why it’s always best to buy your gel blasters locally.

Based in Queensland, iHobby stocks a wide range of CYMA products, from realistic looking army toys, to magazines and accessories. Along with stocking all the most trustworthy brands, iHobby offer online support to our customers from Monday to Friday, 8 – 4, so if you need any more help deciding on the right gel blaster for you, we can guide you in the right direction!

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