If you’re a gel blaster enthusiast and your focus is on modifications and upgrades, then Jin Ming is the brand for you.

The realistic shooting style of modern gel blasters was perfected in 2016, and at this point, Jin Ming was already involved in their rise to popularity. Creating some of the most well-known models on the market – like the Terminator and LVOA Viper series – Jin Ming strive to offer innovative designs.

One of their best-selling gel blasters, the M4A1 Generation 8, utilises technology based on Airsoft, and most of their models allow for optimum upgradability. This means you can modify them with a range of accessories and parts to add realism to your experience!

Considering buying gel blasters?

If you’re a first-time buyer, you might not be considering upgrades or modifications just yet. As one of the original gel blaster sellers, Jin Ming have the experience and reputation to ensure a smooth first purchase.

Buying a well-designed gel blaster from a reputable company will bring plenty of fun and laughs with none of the inconveniences of Airsoft or paintball. While these activities require lots of space, protective gear and cleaning, gel blasters can be enjoyed in your own backyard, with no clean-up and nothing but eye-protection.

Who sells quality gel blasters near me?

Whether you’d like something you can modify with fun additions like scopes, silencers and sniper bolts, or a reliable model for your first gel blaster, you can find products from Jin Ming and other high-quality manufacturers at iHobby.

Located in Queensland, iHobby is 100% Australian owned and operated, saving you any issues you might face with importation. They also offer free express shipping on all orders over $90 and dispatch on the same day as your purchase.

If you need any more help finding the right gel blaster for you, just browse the selection at ihobby.com.au and get online support from 8 – 4, Monday to Friday!