If you’re an avid fan of tactical gear or tactical toys such as gel blasters, then iHobby is the online store you need. Stocking a wide range of gel blasters and gel ball ammunition, iHobby is a leading supplier of high-quality tactical toys to Australian hobbyists.

If you have previously enjoyed paintball or Airsoft tactical games and are yet to try gel blasting, then it should be top of your list. Gel blasting is the ideal choice for tactical gamers for several reasons and iHobby is here to make it easy for you to get involved.

Why Choose Gel Blasters Over Other Tactical Toys?

Gel blasters are fast becoming the preferred toy of hobbyists over alternatives such as paintball guns. There are a number of reasons for this such as:

Safer And Less Painful

Unlike paintballs or plastic Airsoft ammo, gel balls are larger, have a softer film and are 98% water, they simply burst on impact. They are considered much less painful when they make contact and rarely leave a bruise or welt.

A paintball or airsoft pellet can leave painful bruising or marks that last for days or weeks. Gel blaster ammunition only poses a true injury risk if used at close range, where it will leave a small red mark, or near the eyes.

Eye protection is recommended at all times no matter which tactical sport you engage in.

Environmentally Friendly

Made of biodegradable, non-toxic materials and being 98% water, gel blaster ammunition is entirely eco-friendly. The balls themselves were developed from specialty saturation particles found in potting mix.

As a result, they leave no lasting impact on the environment, making them perfect for outdoor tactical games.

Cleaner And Easier

Again, being made of water and a biodegradable polymer, there is next to no clean up when using gel blasters. Any leftover gel balls can be put into the garden to water the plants or left to dry out and be reused another time.

Any mess left on the ground is safe to remain and will simply nourish the soil as it breaks down. Your clothing will have no messy paint to deal with either, so you can travel home without risking spreading the mess!


Entry-level gel blasters are much cheaper than their paintball or Airsoft counterparts making it easy to get set up to join the fun. A basic gun and eye protection are all you’ll need to get started and won’t break the bank.

Likewise, the gel ball ammunition is incredibly cost-effective. A pack of 500 paintballs costs in the vicinity of $30-$40, this same sum would provide around 4-5000 Airsoft pellets. Comparatively, you could spend this same amount and score over 30,000 gel balls.

It’s easy to see why Gel blasters are becoming so popular, they make tactical games more affordable than ever.  Being safer and more environmentally friendly also means that there need be no eco-guilt or hesitation due to safety concerns either. Gel blasting is a low-risk, affordable outdoor activity that all ages and abilities can enjoy.

Types Of Gel Blasters We Sell

At iHobby we sell many types of gel blasters, from entry-level up to more professional tactical gear, we have it all.

Types of gel blasters that we sell include:

  • Metal
  • Gas/CO2 powered
  • Golden Eagle
  • Double Bell
  • CYMA
  • Wells Jinming
  • Le Hui


We also stock extras to enhance your experience,  including foregrips, magazines, scopes, silencers, and sniper bolts to make play more realistic and fun. Our gear is made to a high standard and selected by us with the highest quality guaranteed.

Why Shop With Us?

Aside from our exceptional range of tactical gear and tactical toys, iHobby offers exceptional value and service with every purchase. We offer free shipping for all orders over $90, with same day dispatch for orders received before 2 pm.

Located in Australia and 100%  Australian owned and run means we are also able to provide professional online support Monday through Friday 8 am-4 pm. Something that sets us apart from virtually all other online hobby suppliers.

Our site is jam-packed with helpful information and our range is constantly expanding, ensuring our customers get the very best on offer. Should you be after something specific or require additional support and advice, our team is here to help.


For the best range of gel blasters and associated tactical gaming gear, shop our online store today.